During the late summer of 2007, and after over 25 years of upper management and partnership positions in the giant world of corporate restaurants, Rich decided to call it quits and go it alone. What, where, and how was unclear until a trip to Boston sparked the answer. There, he encountered the world of food carts that sold a variety of fare other than tacos and burritos, as in Salt Lake City. For the next week on a cruise ship from Boston to Montreal with his family, he developed the idea for first non-Mexican style food cart in Salt Lake City. Although after first opening, many were skeptical to try burgers from a white dude in a chef coat and bandana, some did.

Soon, there were lines down the sidewalk of eager customers waiting to try what many say are the best burgers around. Although the operation has moved indoors, and the menu has expanded quite a bit, the philosophy towards the food and service has stayed the same: Start with the best ingredients available, offer something unique, make everything you can in house with love and care, and treat people as though they were coming to your house for dinner.

It's not hard to figure out the winning formula has put them on the map as some of the best burgers and grub around.